9 asking for license

Is 9 out of testing? I just updated and tried to run to see if two bugs I’m following have been fixed, and it asked for a license.


IIRC you have only 60 days to test IDE9. I just activated it with my IDE8 license activator available in http://account.activestate.com if you bought KIDE8.
Also I sure that KIDE9 will be released in this month. And you feel free to use Komodo Edit 9 right now (I sure it wont ask for a license). In most cases commits pushed to Komodo Edit applied for both versions. Sometimes commits pushed to KIDE also applied for both versions.

Both bugs I was tracking are 9 only… forgetting open tabs when switching projects and incorrect version control icons in the file pane.

I have a fully licensed, activated 8.5.

I don’t know how long ago I originally downloaded the 9 nightly, but after this update it won’t start for me. It is indeed asking for a license. Seems pretty weird to me that there would be a limit that expires before the actual release. I’d really like to be able to follow the nightly until the beta/rc period is over, but this license thing has me stalled.

It is a protection of infinite IDE using. You can active your IDE9 pre-release license by activating a KIDE8 license. It works for me and should works for you.

I’ve been running 9 on occasion until today, when after updating to check if a couple of bugs had been fixed, it stopped loading and started asking me for a license.

I use a fully active and licensed 8.5 on the same machine for my daily work, I just check in occasionally with 9 to see what’s up. It’s been running with my 8.5 license for quite a while, now. For giggles, I reinstalled my 8.5 license, made no difference.

My licensed 8.5 runs fine, I can no longer test 9. There’s got to be a better way of protecting ActiveState’s interests than cutting off legitimate testers. It doesn’t work for me.

BTW, this means I can’t even check the fix for a bug that I reported, and that nathanr commented on as fixed: tab restoration not working correctly

Please download the latest version here. The version you got auto-updated to did not have a proper RC license packaged with it. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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Thanks, Nathan.

Just be aware… I downloaded that msi, uninstalled the nightly and installed the nightly again from that file. It started up the 9 nightly, thanks.

After a bit, though, it informed me that a security/bugfix was available. I updated and after that I was prompted for my license again.

I don’t know how far behind the msi is, but the problem with the update messing things up is still around. Could you let me know when that’s fixed and it’s safe to do an update on the freshly installed nightly?


Thanks for notifying us wayne, I’ll check internally to ensure that its not pushing out the wrong update. For now please ignore any update notifications - I will update this thread once the issue is resolved.

Thanks again Nathan… I checked and the above mentioned tab restoration issue isn’t fixed in the current msi. That’s kind of a show stopper for me as I’m always moving between several related projects.

Sorry wayne, that fix is in the update with the license problem. For now you would either have to bare with it until 9.0 final is out (very soon) or revert back to 8.5.

We may push another nightly with the license issue fixed, but I can’t make any promise of that.

Well, let me know on this thread if a fixed nightly becomes available. Thanks.

We have a new build running which should resolve the issue. Hopefully ready in a few hours. Will update this thread when its out.

New build is up.

Build 87166?
Answer to myself: yes. Works fine.

It’s build 87167, but yes it works.

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Just updated, I’m golden. Thanks, guys.

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