8.5 syntax highlighting for 9.0

Komodo edit 8.5 just auto updated to 9.0. Wondering if there’s a way to install the syntax highlighting options from 8.5.

Can’t remember what I was using, but it’s not there on 9.0. Having new higlighting auto switch over like that is quite disorienting.

Maybe I’m missing something obvious, but it looks like we’re being deafulted to a totally new set of highlight schemes, like it or not?

So in trying to track down what I may have been using in 8.5 I see there is an id=“editor-scheme” in the 9.0 prefs.xml, but can’t find an equivalent in the 8.5 version of this file (looking in my profile of 8.5 which is still there).

I’ve downloaded (not installed) 8.5 again and can see what the syntax options were in /lib/support/schemes.

Any pointers from there much appreciated.


Yep, default schemes was changed in 9.0 but you able to download schemes from 8.5 here:

Note they ain’t configured for 9.0 properly so you have to add some colors (such as deletions, insertions or replacements colors for Track Changes feature) but they works fine without any glitches/errors/warnings/etc.
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I can see you’ve updated your post. Can you send me your prefs.xml for 8.5? I’ll try to find an equivalent of editor-scheme.

Thanks Defman, any particular procedure for intalling or just drop them into the schemes folder?

Just drop them.

OK, I’ll give it try, thanks.

Found it and installed OK. Can see the set up is quite different with imports etc in the .ksf files. Will have a go at adding the track changes colors at some point.
Thanks again.