5 second delay switching between files

I’ve begun experiencing 4-7 seconds second pauses when switching between files today. It happens every time I switch tabs after editing a file. I press ctrl-tab, the cursor changes to the hour glass, and I have to wait before I can get control back.

Since I made changes to my color scheme recently, I switched Komodo back to the Classic color scheme & checked the ‘classic mode’ checkbox to no effect.

Has anyone else experienced? I figure out I could try nuking all of my settings next to see if that would rule out a local setting.


The problem went away after I closed all of the tabs. I had about 20 of them open but this hasn’t been an issue in the past.

Are your files remote by any chance? Sounds like it might be this issue:

  • Carey

They were all local files, to the best of my knowledge. I’ll try the suggestion in that thread if I see the problem again. Thanks!