11.1.x(2) Nightly Release March 11

Around noon tomorrow a Komodo nightly will be available with a significant number of fixes and enhancements including Code Intel 2 (Edit) and 3 (IDE) performance enhancement and fixes.

To see the full list of fixed click here.

The nightly will be available here after 12 noon PDT:

Many many thanks go out to @ssigwart for the many many contributions they’ve made over the last couple months.

  • Carey


Looks like linux-x86_64 builds are missing… also for updates, remote debugging…

@agroszer, those are coming. [quote=“agroszer, post:2, topic:4593”]
also for updates, remote debugging

Those don’t get built if the Komodo build fails so yes, they would be missing too.

  • Carey

@agroszer, Sorry for the delay btw! Should be up today.