With ActiveState PPM, what is the recommended alternative if a package you need to install is just not present in any repository, but it is on CPAN?

I really need this particular module installed. It is present on CPAN, and has been for a while. If the package I am looking for is simply not present in any ActiveState PPM repository, could I resort to using CPAN to install it separately? Is that advisable? Or even possible?

HI @djten,

This is the KomodoIDE/Edit forums. You’re looking for the PPM forums: http://community.activestate.com/forums/ppm

I believe you can install the CPAN version if you wish but you can expect the obviously caveat that PPM won’t know about it so can’t manage it. You’ll have to make sure YOU know you installed it in case you’re shipping this piece of code to someone else.

Please confirm that in the PPM forums though. I haven’t helped with the ActivePerl support for a while now.

  • Carey