Where to get a code intelligence (cix) file for c?

Hi everybody!

I am looking for a code intelligence file for c (not c++, not C#).

I also want to add this language to komodo 9, I can’t figure it how, I can’t search for “C”, too many results.

Thank you in advance!

Hi, I do not know of any Komodo code intelligence files for C. What do you mean by you “want to add this language to Komodo 9”? Komodo 9 has syntax highlighting for C – it just happens to be grouped into the C++ language.

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There’s no code intelligence and auto completions for C, C++ and C#. I remember I had a talk with someone (probably @nathanr) on the irc channel and auto completions & code intelligence for C-like langs exists but disabled for some reasons.

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Thank you mitchell, i didn’t know it.

Thank you Defman, That’s an interesting info, I wonder if there is any way to enable it.

I’m not sure what the context of the conversation was between defman and nathanr, but there’s no hint of code intelligence for C/C++ in Komodo, and thus no way to “enable” it. (This may have been different in the past, but the present codebase doesn’t have any hint of it.)

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Nor I am :slight_smile: This was like 3 months ago or so, searching for “code intelligence”, “auto complete” and other things in the irc history didn’t give me any positive results. Once Nathan will be back, he’d probably give the proper answer about that.

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Ok, thank you mitchell!

Ok, let’s wait Nathan :slight_smile:

Komodo has some hard-coded logic for C/C++ primarily around the section list, but that’s it. Worth noting we do not advertise this functionality anywhere as it was only added by a dev who had a need for it himself. Frankly it should have been an addon. For all intends and purposes Komodo does not have support for C/C++ beyond syntax highlighting.