Where to find a Komodo commands list?

I am adding some commands (ko.some.thing) in toolbars, I found some command names searching on the web, but there are some really hard to find, so…

There is any documentation list showing all these commands?

(I am looking for publishing and scc commands)

You could use Commando :slight_smile:

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@stramin, Open Commmando (typically Ctrl + Shift + O) then select the Commands scope. You can also search key terms, just make sure you include cmd as one of the words as all commands are prefixed with cmd.

For example, try opening Commando and pasting this search term in: cmd publish push.

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When I press Ctrl + Shift + O, I can write on the “Go to Anything” bar (Is this what you call commando?)

I can not find anything here, I wrote “cmd” and “publish” with no results, what am I doing wrong?

The icon on the left means “files”?

forget it! I found it!

I pressed the Esc key and I see the main folder:

Thank you all!

Yes, you were in the Files scope which means you were searching for a file in your project that either had a string in it’s path or file name of cmd and publish.

Note, you do not need to use the _ in the string you search. Commando is VERY good at searching strings for key words.

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