Where are the FTP credentials saved

And your technical too, haha.

I meant the second screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/P7sYpS8.png

The PHP code shown is a resemblance of how well Komodo displays (which makes development so much more enjoyable and simplified). It makes me think of the development process of Komodo and I bet you now use Komodo (when it was built to be used) to develop and write for Komodo. Komodo supports just about all languages including python.

So if we imagined the left side being the structure of all the python files, and the right content view being the code shown, I bet the python code displays very nicely. So you must enjoy writing in python, especially when coding in Komodo, because I know I would enjoy it highly. And then with all the other features it has, I try to find work that makes me use Komodo. In doing so, allows me to discover more of the unknown of Komodo and allows me to implement it into my workflow.

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You’re totally right! I can’t imagine myself as a programmer without Komodo! It’s a big part of me now, I’m developing Komodo in Komodo, haha :smiley: