What's the future of Komodo?

The title says it all. Seems like development grind to a halt, or is it just me feeling like that?

I feel the same. Looks like only Carey is working on it right now.


I assume you’re both on the 11.1.2 Nightly, I know @agroszer is: http://downloads.activestate.com/Komodo/nightly/komodoide/latest/

We’re working on a release right now which is scheduled for end of this quarter.

  • Carey

How does the 2020 Python 2.7 EOL affect Komodo?

Also, I’m not entirely familiar with Mozilla, but I think they made major changes after version 35 that would require a lot of effort to update for. Are there plans to do that eventually or maybe move to other platforms like Electron? Based on Since XULRunner had been discontinued for over a year? it seems not, but wasn’t sure if that’s still the case.

hey @ssigwart,

Here’s a discussion about XUL Runner end of life:

The plan going forward hasn’t been finalize yet. We’ll report back here (the forum, not this thread) when it’s ready.

Python 2.7 end of life won’t effect Komodo much as ActiveState will continue to maintain a Python 2.7 distribution.

  • Carey

Thanks, @careyh. That’s good to know. I wanted to check before I do more work on things (possibly updating the parser for PHP 7.4).

Good to know about KomodoIDE, but what about KomodoEdit? Is that something that’s parallelly being upgraded for PHP 8.1.x or 8.2.x and major frontend technologies intelligence embedded like VueJS, ReactJS, React, Angular etc. along with KomodoIDE or KomodoEdit is being dropped and discarded ?