What does your Komodo look like?

Here’s mine atm

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Perfect! It is MacOS or what?

Nope, Elementary OS with the Lion theme - http://kxmylo.deviantart.com/art/Lion-an-elementary-OS-theme-384663827

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Did you use bold setting in your Komodo? :smile:

Yep, like it better that way.

I use bold setting too. I don’t like slight/thin fonts.

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I’m new to Komodo, but I’m trying to get mine looking like the Komodo IDE found on this blog: http://komodoide.wordpress.com/

There’s a template userChrome.css file, but it doesn’t look like the pic.

If there’s a file out there that looks like this one I would love to get my hands on it. Don’t suppose there’s a link some place? I think it’s a great look for the IDE, and I love the size of the tab bar size.
( height & width ) Also the font size is larger inside the tab which is cool.

From what I can tell this person is simply using the Abyss skin (Prefs > Appearance > Skin > Abyss) with the Orange icon set (underneath skin selection). The userchrome seems to be mostly for touching up small parts of the skin to his liking.

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Just Sublime skin in Komodo. Will be soon here: https://github.com/Defman21/sublime-skin-komodo

No idea if you can get it to work yourself. It is a port of another port: https://github.com/robclancy/Komodo-SpacePeacock

When I find the time I’ll make the sidbar use similar colours.

It’s just a ksf file and it’s works in any Komodo build (7-9).
If you talking about left sidebar with Open files and another stuff - you cannot change colors of this sidebar without creating a skin.

Here’s mine.

@robclancy I have some experimental code that will change your panel colors to your scheme colors, its a bit buggy though, but willing to release it if someone wants to polish it up.

@AtmanActive Nice, what’s that sidebar widget you’re using (find/replace).

It’s a Dock Search by deb00t.


Interesting, thanks.

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A necroposter is here!

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Yummy! :yum: