What color is using for a character under block cursor?

I want it to be the same as foreground color, but it seems like its color is being inverted to the dark one.

In the color scheme editor, Editor > caretFore is the color of the caret (block or line).

Not the caret, but the character under it.

As you can see, “a” under the caret is black and it’s hard to read. I don’t want to change it’s color, so it will keep the foreground color.

Sorry, I totally read that wrong :frowning: The foreground color of the text under a block caret is the background color of the “default font” style.

That makes sense. But I can’t change background color of default font to something light, my theme is designed to be dark. Is it possible to add a new styling for it?

No, not without patching Scintilla.

Would you patch Scintilla for such a feature? (I don’t mind if it would be putted into Backlog)

No, I really don’t think it’s worth the effort :frowning:

:frowning: I’ll stuck with line cursor then