Website Design In General

It has been a while since I have been here. Life in general gets in the way,and perhaps loosing password and that stuff gets in the way :slight_smile:

Have a question… How do you learn Website Design ? Stupid question Maybe ?..
I have all the information to learn it.No problem there…It;s actually learning the codes for each particular item. For example writing code for a Basic table. I can do it repetatively and learn it. After I have learned it and go to another coding,I have forgotten about it. How do you keep it in your head and retain it what you have learned. I know people learn in different ways,so does anyone have tips or suggestions.
Will say thank You in advance.

@Mac1764, this isn’t an appropriate question for the Komodo IDE forums. Since you’re trying to stimulate a conversation about software develop or perhaps learning in general I’d recommend posting in the webdev subreddit:

This forum is for Komodo IDE specific question, comments.

  • Carey