warnUndefinedVar on upvar'd arrays in Komodo 9.2, not in 8.5

The following code generates a “use of undefined variable” warning when referencing the upvar’d array aBar.

I am running 8.5 and 9.2 side-by-side, and the problem does not exist in 8.5 - even though the warn suppress settings appear to be the same.

proc foo {upvBar} {
   upvar 1 $upvBar aBar
   foreach name [array names aBar] {
      puts -nonewline "$name="
      # The line below generates a warnUndefinedVar warning
      puts $aBar($name)

set aTest(one)   1
set aTest(two)   2
set aTest(three) 3
foo aTest

Could you please open a bug report for this on the bug tracker? Thank you!