View whitespace confusing

Context: Komodo indent preventing Beautify js tabs

Now that I’ve had a nap, I saw your email and it immediately became clear to me what is going on. The problem is not the lack of tabs; the problem is yet another issue with the Komodo UI: the “View Whitespace” setting does not get carried across for newly opened files. That means I have to turn it on for each and every file. Crazy.

So I used Beautify js and it added tabs. I saw them because I had “View Whitespace” turned on. I went to another file and Beautify js added tabs (again correctly), but I didn’t see them because Komodo had decided to forget my “View Whitespace” setting. It also explains how I was able to come back to one file (for which Komodo had “locked in” the “View Whitespace” setting, and I saw the tabs.

This is to add to the fact that Komodo can’t remember when I reduce the font size, along with the “View Whitespace” discrepancies I had already reported in .

Do you use editorconfig by any chance @garretwilson? The issue you describe would only happen if you had explicitly set whitespace on a per file basis, OR if you have an editorconfig file somewhere up your path that overrides this.

I don’t know what editorconfig is, but I had just went through the steps outlined in to make whitespace show up.

@nathanr, please explain more and help me out here. I’m looking at a file. I have View > Whitespace turned on. I hit Ctrl+N to bring up a new file. View > Whitespace is now turned off.

I note that Preferences > Editor > Show Whitespace characters is turned off. (I still don’t know the relationship between these two settings, as I mentioned in issue #996.)

I think the View > Whitespace checkbox only applies to the current file. When you create a new file, it uses the default preference (Preferences > Editor > Show Whitespace). If you modify the preference to be turned on, then all files should show whitespace by default.

Right. And if you don’t know what editorconfig is then it’s unlikely that you are using it. Unless the project you are working on is shared between different users.