Variable highlighting stops working with UTF-8 symbols in document

If I put one or more cyrillic symbols in document, variables highlighting stops working. Changing file encoding has no effect. KE 9.2.1. Tested with Win XP 32 and Win 7 64.

Please provide an example code to reproduce the problem.

Test this.
Standart Wordpress file. Just some russian comment added.

Are you able to reproduce it with the following code?


/*  просто текст на русском */

 * Bla-bla-bla

$long_variable = "Hello, world!";

for ($i = 0; $i < 125; $i++) {
    echo "Test some code";
    $long_variable .= $i;

echo $long_variable;


I found that problem occurs after scrolling. This code is too short.

Thanks - reproduced on Linux.

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