Using tkFileDialog import fails in Komodo

I cannot get the tkFileDialog function to import or run in komodo but works ok in the shell interpreter.
I have the TCL_LIBRARY set to C:\Python27\tcl\tk8.5 and TK_LIBRARY set to C:\Pyton27\tcl\tk8.5 in the global environment and it shows in the komodo environment list also.

Is there a setting I’m missing for Tkinter or TCL in komodo?

Example here’s code that works in the 2.7.10 interpreter but not in Komodo:

from Tkinter import Tk
from tkFileDialog import askopenfilename
Tk().withdraw() # we don't want a full GUI, so keep the root window from appearing
filename = askopenfilename() # show an "Open" dialog box and return the path to the selected file

In Komodo I get:
ImportError: cannot import name askopenfilename

Hi, I don’t know much about Tcl, but it looks like the proper Python libraries for Tcl are not in the PYTHONPATH, which is what Python uses to look for libraries. In the shell take a look at your PYTHONPATH and compare it with Komodo’s PYTHONPATH when it runs your scripts.