Upgrading Deletes all settings and server info

After upgrading to Komodo 10, all my settings got deleted including all my servers. I even pointed it to the old Komodo 9.3 data folder and still no luck.

The design doesn’t look that great, everything is smooshed together and the icons overlap the file text. Will we get updates to fix all of these issues?

Could you post a screenshot of your UI? It sounds like maybe something went wrong during the upgrade process. (Does it look like the screenshots on the website?).

You could manually copy over your old prefs.xml from your old profile folder to your new profile folder: http://docs.komodoide.com/Troubleshooting/Where-does-Komodo-keep-settings-data

Of course there will be updates to fix any issues introduced in this version, but as it stands we’re not aware of any big UI bugs.

Icons overlap: http://prntscr.com/b557kq

I had to go through and find a color scheme that looked like the original one I had.

No remote accounts: http://prntscr.com/b557y9 Is there a place I can import from the old application?

The dropdowns are white on light grey making it very hard to read.

I think the files copied over. I still see the project publishing stuff. I just don’t see any of my remote server logins.

They should be in %komodo_user_directory/9.3/XRE/logins.json

logins.json and key3.db have to be copied over in the XRE folder manually (for the server logins). Ok, glad that part is fixed.

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What about restoring the old workspaces and projects?

Copy view-state.xmlc from your profile directory. This should restore everything related to your workspace.

Can you clarify what you mean by workspaces and projects?

Projects are not saved in your profile folder, they are saved… wherever you chose to save them.

I would not recommend restoring view-state.xmlc as Defman suggested, this file was not automatically imported for a reason. When you perform a major upgrade some preferences will not get transferred so as to ensure a stable work environment.

By Projects I mean the bottom left subpanel that says Projects which has a list of my projects. (They are empty on Komodo X)

And by workspace I mean the open files I had previously. (Since project search does not work on remote projects, I just open most of my files and do a open files search)

Ok, both of these are pruned when you update across major versions to ensure stability. They will still work but you’re basically starting from a clean slate with Komodo X, as far as your workspace goes anyway.

When I upgraded between 8 and 9 I think they remained. Just had the issue with X.

Is there any way to import all that without all the extra settings that might impact stability?

That is what we did. This is new in Komodo X and will remain for future upgrades. We did this because version upgrades like 8 > 9 would cause lots of issues due to profile folder corruptions and incompatibilities.

You could forcefully “import” your Komodo 9 profile by simply renaming it from 9.3 to 10.0, but I would not recommend this and you would be exposing yourself to lots of potential issues that would not be immediately apparent.

I tried restoring view-state.xmlc and it did not work for restoring my projects and workspace.

What is the bare minimum that I can copy to restore the project and workspace? Like where is the list of links to projects stored?

This would involved copying content from one prefs.xml file to another. This will results in a broken Komodo X profile and will likely lead to you having to reset your preferences manually any way.

Having said that, you can see the list of projects from your Komodo 9 install by opening prefs.xml in your profile folder and searching mruProjectList.

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They are part of prefs.xml and view-state.xmlc. You’d have to splice the contents of these files together.

I’m not sure I understand why you are so concerned with “restoring” these preferences, as your workspace is ever-changing and easily configured again. And your projects still exist on your filesystem where you saved them, all you have to do is open them.

Alright thanks, I got my project list and workspaces. All good to go now :smile: