Upgrade issues (to Komodo X)

I have som problems with version X, after upgrade from 9

  • get File open error (but file opens)
  • Version control not active on opened file (File is versioned with Git)
  • and can’t debug it (perl script)

What’s the error?

Can you define what you mean by “not active”, what are you expecting to work that doesn’t?

Please explain what is happening when you attempt to debug.

I’m happy to help you with all of these problems but we will need a lot more information to know what is happening.

File Open Error - Komodo was unable to open the file ‘… name of file…’ .
Not able to close tab with file afterwards (Greyed out)

not active - menu item greyed out
Debugging not possible … greyed out on menu

Could you share your log file? Help - Troubleshooting - View Log File.

My logs by gdrive

I assume you’re using more than one Komodo window? (like 2 windows = 2 projects).


No, Work on one project. But have previously had old komodo an new komodo open at same time on same project (If you find trace of two in log. Currently removed Komodo X, and now reinstalling it. Just to se if something went wrong under install…

No, same problem all files opend by komodo X can’t be closed

Right clicked on tab, first two are grey (close, Close others) all between close others and Show in places are “enabled”, but looking closely most are disabled (grey) on sub menu

Could you see if Help > Troubleshooting > Restart in Safe-mode resolves your issues?