Unknown cause of remote server credentials prompt


On opening Komodo Edit 9.3.2 (OS X) I’m getting prompted for the credentials I once used to open a directory on a remote server a while ago. I no longer have a need to do so and so I wish to stop being promoted for these credentials, but I cannot for the life of me see where to prevent Komodo Edit from doing so. I’ve been right through the preferences (especially Servers) and cannot find the details for the (scp) server I’m being prompted for.

I’ve now got no Server connections configured, but this &!#$%^&! remote folder connection still insists on trying to be made despite my best attempts to find and remove it. Can anyone help me get rid of the damn thing please???

Oh - & not very impressed with subsequent error messages after I cancel the prompting dialogue, Komodo developers. “Exception: request:refreshTreeOnOpen…” Ugly code details best hidden from us users, don’t you think?

I agree, there is an ongoing effort to make these types of messages either go away or be user oriented.

To the larger topic at hand: is anything in Komodo still looking at those files? The error you mentioned implies your Places widget might be pointed at it? Additionally, see if the file occurs in File > Recent Files.

Nothing returned when I click on the Places sidebar. I couldn’t find the Places widget that you mention. And no - there are no recent files which reference the remote server.