TYPO3 CMS and auto-completion

What can I do to make auto-completion work with TYPO3 CMS? I have added a full copy of the source code to additional scan folder for php. It seems to work but not all methods in all classes seems to be available. Does Komodo (9) work with namespaces and depency based injection?

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Hi @kevinlieser,

To get the latest support for PHP namespace autoloading you’ll need to use Komodo 10. I assume that TYPO3 is using PSR4 which is full supported in Komodo 10.


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Just a question: Is this just the sales forum here? I had 3 questions in the last week or something. And every answer is the same: Upgrade and buy Komodo X. It has the feature you requesting. BTW: Here again: I’ve purchased Komodo 9 a few weeks ago for hundreds of dollars. Nice to know i’ve bought deprecated software - that’s what it sounds like to me.

Namespaces are not that new. And thanks, but i got it running and working now.
Maybe you can just help me with the last question to this topic (hopefully not with your sales answer):

When i hit CMD on Mac and hover some method names, a popup appears with the comment / info regarding to this method. But sometimes an error appears instead saying “TypeError: can only concatenate tuple (not list ) to tuple”. The comments at the methods are in the exact same syntax.

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You likely asked questions that were in fact resolved/answered in Komodo 10. Sales and marketing do not participate on these forums, just us devs. But Komodo X is our baby so of course we will urge you to give it a try.

If you purchased recently it’d be worth contacting sales to see if they could facilitate an upgrade for you, it could even be of no cost to you if you bought 9 very recently.

That sounds like the linter showing you errors/warnings about your code. It’s probably worth looking into as you may have a bug there.

I’ve checked Komodo X on the “feature request” / problems i’ve reported - same here. For me, just a visually change.

That is done. The sales Team denied and wrote to me that i had to buy the upgrade plan (or something like that). Sounds like i’ve bought deprecated software.

The problem is also: When i instatiate this (problem-)object directly it works like a charm. I just don’t work when i instatiate an object that also instatiate the other object again. An example:

$this->myobj->mymethod(); // Works with auto-completion AND the method description shows up
when myotherobj instantiate myobject like
$this->myotherobj->myobj->mymethod() // auto-completion works method description doesn't - the phyton(?) error "TypeError: can only concatenate tuple (not list ) to tuple" appears

In PHPStorm (computer of employee) the whole thing works great :-/

Thanks for your reply

@kevinlieser please share your solution here. If you could give clear details (code examples of what you expect and what is missing) about what exactly was wrong as well that will A. help other people find your solution useful and B. Help us understand what the issue is that you’re having. I did jump to the conclusion that you needed PSR4 support which is only in Komodo X but it sounds like you had a different issue. More details is more helpful :slight_smile:

  • Carey

I have no idea why it is working actually… :-/

Here is a test screen. What is working and what is not working:

This looks like a bug. Could you file a report with the minimal viable code to reproduce the issue: https://github.com/Komodo/KomodoEdit/issues/new

Thanks for the additional details.

  • Carey

Done: https://github.com/Komodo/KomodoEdit/issues/1638

Thanks a lot @kevinlieser.

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