Trouble Navigating Functions in JavaScript

Hi, I’m using Komodo IDE 8.5.4. I want to be able to navigate to the next and previous functions in JavaScript. The problem is that next/previous section commands include the objects. Example: below, if I start at (1), “Next Section” takes me to 2,3,4. But I really want 4. Any suggestions? Thanks.

1 function myFunc() {
    2   var myObject = {
            myProp: "myValue",
    3       myMethod: function() {
              console.log("Hello World!")

4 function myFunc2() {

javascript is procedural process it 's a normal behaviour.

you just write 4…" console.log(“blablabla”)" before “var my object”. or use the word “return” with just output 4, but in this case 2 and 3 will be computed in ram memory.

you can use one return by function.

i don’t know if that help you.