Switching to KoIDE09 ;; how to get full path of current file into title bar?

In the previous version of KoIDE, the full path of the currently-open buffer appeared in the title bar:

In the latest version, it appears at the bottom of the IDE:

Although the current placement has more functionality (e.g., the individual path-steps are now clickable), the current placement makes it difficult to read.

Is it possible to regain the default behavior of the previous version and get the full path to appear in the title bar again?

Hi @dreftymac, What version of Komodo are you using? I’m seeing exactly what you’re asking for in 9.3.

  • Carey

Greetings @careyh

Ko 9.3.0 (please see screenshot)

It is currently in “trial-ware” mode, so that may be the issue.

Ahh thanks for the screenshot. Yes, that is the case. That’s how we hook you :wink: Kidding but that was done on purpose. You will get the desired functionality when you upgrade.

  • Carey
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Sounds good. The road to upgrading is looking smoother and smoother!

Heh, it’s a bit of a tradeoff with the trial. On the one hand we want to show you that you’re in a trial and have X days left, but on the other we don’t want to be obnoxious about it. I guess this is the ONE feature that trial users don’t get to experience.

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