Standard JS support?

Hi there,

are there plans to support Standard JS ( or is there a user-defined language project out there?

Cheers, Meinhard.

Is it a js linter? It wouldn’t be that hard to add a new linter if that’s the case. You could file an enhancement request here.

@Defman it looks to me standardjs runs on eslint, its uses eslint as a dependence.
So I think a enhancement request for configuring eslint would be in place.
You can then configure eslint with the same rules as described by the rules.
Komodo uses JSHint, you can configure JSHint with some more options, so you’re linting will be more like standardjs ( to completely lint like standardjs you need eslint ).
You can configure the options for Jshint trough preferences > Syntax en spell checking > javascript.
Default I have this:

moz=true unused=true esnext=true

Default it already checks for unused vars.
If you add:

asi=true quotmark="single"

This will lint about using only single quotes, and will suppress semicolon warnings when the are not needed.
JShint has more options you can configure, a complete list can be found here.
For setting indent settings for javascript, you can configure this at preferences > editor > indentation > javascript

@babobski thanks for your instruction and the quick reply. i mainly wanted to get rid of the semicolon warnings, so that’ll do for now! :slight_smile:

@meinhard Glad to help :thumbsup: