Smoothing scrolling as preference

I don’t know how I can explain it without example… Just try to scroll something in Firefox and u can see that scrolling is very smoothed. So how about make this feature available in Komodo? I recommend to look how it works in Sublime Text 3 and make same feature in Komodo as extended preference (also if you can made that I can control smoothing level - It’s will be nice!)

Unfortunately we currently depend on Scintilla for this type of functionality and it does not seem that the maintainer of that project has any intention of implementing it.

We could implement it ourselves but quite honestly I dont see this as being a very important feature and would rather spend our resources elsewhere for the time being.

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Thats sad :frowning:

This seems strange for me. I remember some old versions (maybe 9.X) to scroll smoothly, but version 10 scrolls just full lines. Had something changed that makes 10 impossible to behave the same as before?

There was no smooth scrolling in any version of Komodo because of scintilla.