Slow file open with SFTP on Win7 but not on Linux (IDE 9.3)

Hi there,

im experiencing a rather strange behaviour.

I’m working on the same mid-sized PHP project with a Win7 workstation, a Linux workstation running Ubuntu and a Linux laptop running Arch. The two workstations have the same hardware specs, while the laptop is rather low-spec.The IDE configuration is the same on all machines.

I’m using the “Open remote folder…” functionality of the places pane and the workflow is the same on all three machines. While I don’t experience this behaviour on the two Linux machines, the editor tab is blocked for maybe three to five seconds after opening up a remote file on the Win7 machine, but I can see the content of the file… If I close the file and re-open it, the behaviour is the same. This is only valid for SFTP and SCP connections while I don’t experience this with FTP connections. My uplinks are rather fast and network configuration seems to play no role. Other devs in my team are experiencing the same behaviour on their Win10 boxes.

Disabling codeintel and autocomplete didn’t have any impact.