Sidebar Open Files - poorly positioned Close button

Is there a way to move (or remove) the ‘X’ Close button which has appeared at the end of every file name in the Open Files tab in the sidebar?

It is very poorly positioned and I keep catching it when I try to select a file. It would be better to be right-aligned or not there at all.

Are you using a custom skin? The default skin only shows this button when you hover over an item, and it aligns it to the right.

Also, what version of Komodo are you using?

Hi Nathan, I’m on Komodo Edit, version 9.3.2, build 16460, platform linux-x86_64. The skin says Default and I can confirm that they are not right aligned in the list and only appear on mouse over, that’s part of the problem as more often than not they appear under the mouse just as I click.

I just tried different skins and they all appear the same. I did notice that the close on the file group heading is right aligned.

Here’s a screenshot of the problem

This appears to be a bug in edit. Komodo 10, which is due very soon, will not have this issue.

Thanks for the quick response. I shall await K10.