Show all whitespace

How can I always show all whitespace?

@dhan you can set this trough preferences > editor


Note @dhan : If you changed anything under the View menu that is for the current file (aka. the view). Just elaborating on what @babobski said.

  • Carey

Why are the dots so small and hard to see?

You are able to change the color of the dots. Open Color Scheme Editor and find “whitespaceColor” item.

Wow…I get the same thing. That should be updated.

I like the color but the 1x1 size is too small. 2x2 would be great though.

It’s temporary, but you could open up the console and enter this:

require('ko/editor').scimoz().whitespaceSize = 2

You’d have to do that for each document you want to change the whitespace marker size for.

Or simply put that into a Userscript and set it to trigger on file open.