Shortcut for show/hide left pane?

Oh, this is irritating. I take a break for New Year, and then I go into Komodo Edit and try to hide the left pane. For the life of me I cannot find the shortcut key to toggle the left pane. I see there is a tool button; I hover over it but it says no shortcut key. I look in the View menu. Nothing.

I’m sure someone answered this once in the forum, but I can’t search the forum every time I need to find out how to toggle something. It should be there in the view menu.

And yes, there should be default key bindings for all of this stuff, like in Atom.

Hi Garret,

I opened up Edit > Preferences > Key Bindings, and searched in the command text entry for “pane”. Immediately I saw the option to set a keyboard shortcut for “User Interface: Show/Hide Left Pane”. Is that what you’re looking for?

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There is. I suggest you check Preferences > Key Bindings every time you want to find a key to toggle something.

I did. There was nothing defined for toggling the left pane. (See @mitchell’s response as well.) But I’m sure one of you told me how to toggle it once without my having to go define a new shortcut for each new installation. It was in the the discussion for how to get into and out of focus mode. (I guess I’ll just go have to look it up. But I shouldn’t have to. It should be plain in the editor itself.)

Agreed it would be best if the UI could show the keybind. Regardless it shouldn’t be too difficult to find it in the key bindings, the last 2 keywords in your topic title would have found it.

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But I’m saying there should be a default keybinding. But I’m still not finding it. It looks like I have to define one.

I found this discussion: Focus mode should have default key binding

But there was some other discussion where someone told me (I think) how I could toggle the left pane out of the box without adding a new key binding. Maybe I am imagining things.

Ah, I found the discussion: Project sidebar loses directory

And… someone finally came through there and said that I need to use Ctrl+Shift+P. Now how was I supposed to know that?

  • I looked in the View menu. Nothing.
  • I hovered over the “toggle left pane” tool button. Nothing.
  • I looked in the key map for “toggle left pane”. Nothing.
  • I raised a question on the forum. @mitchell didn’t know. If @nathanr knew, he wasn’t saying.
  • I searched the forums. The first search came up empty. Finally I searched by another keyword and found Ctrl+Shift+P.

Completely unsatisfactory. I should be able to go to the View menu and there it should be. End of story.

Plus it’s very odd that toggling “places” toggles the left pane, which has more than just places (i.e. projects as well), yet there is no key tied to the actual left pane toggle. Very confusing.

Gotcha. This is something we’ll likely be doing for Komodo 10.

I want to prefix this by saying that your feedback is very useful and much appreciated. That said I’d appreciate if you can give it in a more friendly tone, we’re here to listen and help where possible. No one is disagreeing on the validity of these issues, but our first priority will always be to help you on your way.

Help > List Key Bindings should help in the future.

  • Carey

I know this is an old thread; but just to re-ignite your love of Editor…

Ctrl + K, followed by Ctrl+B will hide the pane.

Alt + \ will show the pane :slight_smile:

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