Serious BUG with search/replace in selection

Komodo Edit, version 9.3.1, build 16424, platform win32-x86. Built on Tue Nov 17 19:36:48 2015.

When doing more then one search/replace in selected text - selection changes and second/third/… replace gets wrong selection target!

Put this text in new blank document:


Now select all (CTRL+A), hit CTRL+H, select regexp type, do replace all “\r\n” with “XY\r\n” (with no quote marks). First time - OK. Now, do not change anything, previousli selected text SEEMS to be still selected with new “XY” marks BUT second “replaceall” does NOT see new selection! Only portion of text will now be processed (replaced). Hit again “replaceall” and see for yourself. It seems new selection is virtualy shortened for the length of "XY"x5 but visualy all seems ok when observing selection!
This is simply WRONG.

Could you please report this on the bug tracker?