Save local copies

Is there a way to save local copies of work when working on Live FTP like Dreamweaver does? I know there is publishing, but I would rather not sync 100 - 10gb sites every time I go to make a change.

Just woke up to files being overwritten on a site and I had to redo since Komodo didn’t save a local copy of the work that I have done.

Yes, check out Publishing.

Remote editing should ideally not be used for anything but quick one-off edits.

Exactly, that’s why there should be a local save feature. I already have to do like 20 things to configure a project, a connection, then add multiple remote folders, now you want me to add a bunch of publishing configurations for each folder? 5xseveral hundred projects. It would take like a year to configure all of this. Not to mention that you can’t push updates when files on server have been updated, you get an error. You have to download each entire site which takes several hours per site. And for 5 servers with 100GB of sites each, that’s 500GB of syncing files. That’s quite messy.

Wish there was an easy way to doing this.

You guys have the best editing software, but when it comes to FTP it’s so difficult. I can’t even drag and drop files, download or upload. Only modify and save files remotely.

So create FTP connection, create project, add remote folders, then create a publishing configuration? For each site?

When Dreamweaver, you create FTP and select a local folder. Then you are done. I know this isn’t Dreamweaver and Dreamweaver lacks, but their configurations are easy and just work.

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I cannot offer you any other solutions at the moment. Except to suggest maybe writing a small userscript that saves a copy of files. In fact there is already one that does this but afaik it was not intended for remote files (which is not to say it doesn’t work):