Run Inline doesn't work when selecting php code without opening tag

The context is missed, so here’s a quote:

For php, try to use <?php opening tag.

Tested it but it works with the <?php opening tag.
But I can imagine if you work in a large file you just want to run a small piece of code.
You might not have a opening or a closing tag, without it the run inline function fails.

There’s no way you don’t have an opening tag in PHP. For the rest, I’m able to run Ruby code if my file type is Ruby. Javascript (=Node.js) works fine as well.

@babobski, did you try selecting only echo "test";? It should work fine.

I don’t know PHP very well but don’t you have to use a special interpetter arg to not need the php in the opening tag?

  • Carey

There is no window in Node.js so no, there is no alert or print. That is one draw back of using the Node interpreter for Javascript code.

  • Carey

Thanks for confirming @Defman.

  • Carey