Restore split view after restart

I would like have Komodo Edit restore the split view and tab(s) in each view whenever Komodo is restarted. How can I do this?

Check out Prefs > Projects and Workspace > "When starting Komodo"

Note I don’t believe that this covers split views. @careyh is working on a new feature for Komodo 9 which will let you manually save and restore your workspaces, it’s available as a limited macro here (limited in that it wont include all the functionality that the full feature will have in Komodo 9) -

Komodo’s automatic workspace save and restore routines do cover split views - everything should be restored to the state it was before shutting down.

I suspect one of you is testing one way and finding split-view working, but the other is doing it differently. Let’s consider all combinations of …

It may matter if there are multiple Edit window open:
How to get multiple windows:

  • “Open Project in New Window” (right click in left tab).
  • Other ways?

Ways Komodo might be closed:

  • File > Exit (Perhaps this lets it remember split view, but the others don’t.)
  • [x] in upper corner of each open window
  • System crash
  • TaskManager -> Kill process
  • Other ways?

“Project closure”:

  • Do nothing to close or save the project before closing the Editor.
  • Project > Close
  • Project > Close All Projects
  • Other ways?
  • Or is the Project automatically closed on Exit (except for system crash)?

I wasn’t testing anything, just speaking from my impressions, as I indicated in my message.

Are you experiencing a bug with restoring split views or are you just speaking in general terms?

If there is a configuration for remembering, I can’t find it.

I was enumerating many of the ways that Komodo might close or crash. Some of these may not have a chance to remember that I went to SplitView since opening the window/project/instance. I provided the list to suggest ways to test whether you can reproduce it.

Currently, Komodo never remembers SplitVIew after I “Move to split view” and have to restart for whatever reason.

@careyh might be something for you to look into given that you’re working on workspaces? Up to you…

@Rick_James is talking about mutliple Komodo windows if I’m not mistaken, and @nathanr and @toddw are not.

When I tested with two windows, the LAST windows to be closed is restored on restart. The other is not. Even if I kill the Komodo process.

Project level seems to have no effect which I think would solve @Rick_James’ issue.

As far as I know, and @toddw please correct me if I’m wrong, restoring more than one workspace at once is not currently supported.

It’s odd though, it’s as if the SplitView saving got cut/left out of the Project level restore since (like it should) when reopen my project, the correct files are opened but not in splitview at all.

@Rick_James, if you use @nathanr’s first answer, that works for one window, unfortunately not for more than one.

I’ll definitely keep this in mind when i’m working on the Workspace code.

  • Carey

So frustrating. I just finished with one of MS’s obligatory reboots to upgrade the OS. I simply let the Restart kill off Komodo Edit. Now that the OS is back, I opened Komodo. 5 instances came back, each with split view (as before the restart). So, this scenario worked “correctly” today. Something prompted me to start this thread, but it apparently was not this scenario.

I assume what I am calling an “instance” what you are calling a “window”?

Would you be able to reproduce your problem with as few steps as possible and share those steps with us? Then we can try and address the problem at hand, at the moment we seem to be talking about split view restoring in very loose terms.

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