Resolve login Issues in Komodo IDE behind Proxy


Some users have issues logging into Komodo when they are behind a proxy. Here are 2 ways to workaround the issue.

  1. One work-around is to take the system out from behind the man-in-the-middle, and authenticate once. Once is all that is required. The system can then be returned behind the proxy.

  2. If that is not possible, user keys can be transferred from a computer with a connection to a computer that has no or a problematic connection:

    1. Install Komodo on a computer that has a connection to the internet
    2. start it & login
    3. stop Komodo
    4. put your profile folder on a USB
      The Location of your profile folder is dependent on your OS:
    5. carry your USB to your disconnected computer (this parts important)
    6. place those two files into the same location on the disconnected computer
      The specific files to grab are XRE\key3.db & XRE\logins.json
    7. start Komodo

Can't sign in to Platform account on first Komodo start