Regions in CSS like C# regions?

I previously edited the CSS code in MS Visual Studio.
In large files, it was convenient to use the region of code, broken within the meaning
of. These regions can be minimized in the code editor.

For example, this piece of code can be rolled completely by pressing Ctrl + M in
the editor MS Visual Studio. Sample:

/*#region RegionName*/
.aaa {
  color: #fff;
.bbb {
  color: #fff;
/*#endregion RegionName*/

Questions :

  1. Is there any functionality in Komodo Edit , or modules. If not, it is assumed whether
    the development of such a possibility in the future?
  2. Is there any shortcuts that fold comments in the code?

Komodo does allow code folding, although I don’t believe its CSS mode supports the region-based folding you describe. Look on the “View” menu, under “View > Fold” for all of the folding-related commands.

Komodo also allows you to bind its folding/unfolding commands to keyboard shortcuts. Look in “Preferences > Key Bindings” to see what those commands are bound to, if anything (at least on Mac OS X, it appears the code folding commands do not have key bindings defined by default).

In addition to what @rstewart said you could file an enhancement request on our bug tracker:

Thanks a lot for the help!