Recent File drop-down list uses non-contrasting colors (very hard to read)

Using the Classic scheme, the Recent File menu (from the “New Tab” -> Open File drop-down) displays white text on a grey background - very hard to read! If you hover over one, you get a blue background w/ white text for the highlighted item (easier to read), but the others are the same. Not sure where the blue is coming from - could be from my Windows 10 theme, or it could be part of the Classic theme.

Interestingly, if you mouse away from the drop-down list, the text changes to a dark (on the same light grey background), which is fine! But, moving the cursor into the drop-down list area causing the text color to go back to white.

Is this a bug in the IDE itself, or just in the color scheme?

This is a bug in the classic color scheme it seems. I’ve filed a bug: Thanks for the report!