Python run command stopped working

I have been running phthon for about two weeks. When I sat down today to work the run command has stopped working. Debugging still works, but the run command gives me an error of

Error running command: This command string includes ‘%(python)’, but no ‘python’ interpreter could be found. You can configure this by visiting the Python preferences panel in Edit->Preferences.

I am and have been running Python 3. I terms of the interprerter in edit/preferences, what file should I be pointing at. I try using python3.dll and python35.dll and in both cases get an error of

The chose Python has version , which will not work as a Python3 interpretor.

I am not aware of any changes I have made, but clearly I did something. Any suggestions?

At first, dlls aren’t interpreters. I guess the interpreter on Windows will be C:\Python35\python.exe

At second, how does your “Run Command” looks like? You’d try replace %(python) with %(python3) if you’re using Python 3.

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Thanks that fixed it