Python debugger slow to start

I’ve used Komodo IDE 8 since 2014 for Perl development and found it very helpful.

More recently I have been using Komodo for Python development and noticed that there is a noticeable (approx. 15 seconds) delay between starting the debugger and stopping on a breakpoint on the first line of code.

My current project involves the use of the ArcGIS API for Python. The startup on a minimal script:

from arcgis.gis import GIS
print(‘Hello world!’)

takes approximately 110 seconds, which all but means I cannot use Komodo for this project.

In comparison, PyCharm takes about 5 seconds between launching the debugger and stopping on a breakpoint on the print() statement. This is comparable to the Python debugger (pdb).

I installed Komodo IDE 12, but the startup time is the same.

I’m using a local Python 3.6.5 install as the interpreter.

Does anyone know what is causing the delay on startup and is there anything I can do to address it?


It looks very similar to Komodo IDE 12.01.91869 extremely slow.



Might be worth trying in Safe-Mode. The debugger starts up within a second for me. Help menu > Troubleshooting > Restart in Safe-Mode

  • Carey

@M-arek, Possibly, although I’m seeing a 10-15 second startup time on a minimal pandas script:

import pandas as pd
print(‘Hello world!’)

This seems to be about average for any Python debugging that I do under Komodo.

@careyh, Thanks for the suggestion. Running in Safe Mode was slightly faster - 95 seconds vs. 110 seconds.

Are you saying you are seeing an immediate startup on a script that imports the arcgis.gis library? I only see an immediate startup if I import no libraries.

Boom, and we’re done here! Just kidding. That’s crazy. No I didn’t try it with that library but thank you for confirming that it’s different with a small package. I assume that a basic print("hello world!") is snappy?

Just got an env setup with arcgis and I’m seeing the same thing :frowning:

I’ve filed a bug here but I cannot give a timeline on a possible fix unfortunately:

  • Carey

@careyh, Yes, a “hello world” script that imports no libraries starts up immediately. The more libraries you import and, in turn, those import, the longer the startup time.

I’ve been used to a 10-15 second startup time with a fairly typical set of imports, but the startup time on the arcgis library was a deal breaker.

Thanks for taking the time to reproduce and report as a bug.

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