Push to/Pull from specific server

I have multiple remote locations defined. But Komodo doesn’t seem to give me the option to specify which remote location I’m push to/pulling from. For example, I want to push a file to my test server, but it wants to push to my main (live) server. I can’t seem to get it to push to my test server.

Hey @Matt_DeKok,

For now, you can only configure a single server per Publishing configuration. We will be revisiting that design decisions in a future major release.

  • Carey

I like this software for several features it has that my current software doesn’t. This is currently the only feature keeping me from buying Komodo, as I regularly work with multiple servers.

How my current software works with multiple servers is by allowing multiple server configurations, but having only one set as “active” at any given time. And any pushing/pulling is done with the active server. Switching the active server is pretty easy as well.

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What product is that? I’ve been investigating other implementations, one of which is DreamWeaver which does a similar thing as your tool with one small difference. You can configure several servers (as many as you want) but can have 2 active: 1 test and 1 production.

Sorry to hear we’re not meeting your needs. We’re definitely going to be working on this feature for the next major release. It’s a work item on my list.

  • Carey

It’s NuSphere PhpIDE

Great, thank you for the feedback @Matt_DeKok.

  • Carey