Problem starting R (Ubuntu)

i have successfully installed sciviews-k and am now trying to start an R session in Komodo.
in the R -> Configure R i have 'use this application: /usr/bin/R’ (with the --quiet option) which is correct as it is where R lives on my machine. then it says that this command will be used to start R:
x-terminal-emulator -e '/usr/bin/R --quiet' --args --svStartPkgs=SciViews

however, when i try to run R an x terminal pops up along with a shell window with a red box in it saying:
There was an error creating the child process for this terminal Failed to execute child process "/usr/bin/R --quiet" (No such file or directory)

and offering me two options: either to relaunch (which obviously fails) or to go to profile settings, which i did but found nothing i could alter to amend the situation.

any help would be appreciated.

Note we did not create this addon. Happy to try and assist you but as we did not create it we won’t have the necessary insight to help you effectively. I’d suggest contacting the addon author instead.

I think the issue is that you supplied arguments to a setting that only expects an executable. Try removing the --quit part.

hi @nathanr,
okay will try to do that.
in meantime, i have tried your suggestion before posting and it didn’t make a difference!