Print without Background Color

I use a dark solarized theme for editing. When I print, I would like to use a light solarized theme, with a white/blank background color. Is there any way to define a separate color theme for printing, or to tell the system to print color, but leave the background white? I’ve looked through the preferences, but I’m not seeing this kind of an option. I’m running Komodo IDE 9.3.2 on Mac.

I just tried it and it’s doing what you’re requesting already.

I have a dark scheme, File > Print Preview, preview is white background and black text.

Did you try printing yet? Or print preview?

  • Carey
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On the Mac, I do not see a Print Preview option, but going through the Print Dialog again, if you click the “Show Details” button, you then see the option Appearance: “Print Background Colors”. Once I unchecked that box, I was able to print without the background color, so that works for me. Thanks for pointing me towards the solution.

Ahh yes, my menu item was Windows specific. Sorry about that. Glad you’re sorted @ByronJonesTWDC.

  • Carey