Powershell command output

Hi all! I just wanted to know how to achieve live command prompt with powershell. Namely, when I type cmd in the run command field, standard windows command prompt opens up in Komodo Edit command output and it is live -I have ability to further type in commands for cmd and so on. However, when I type powershell, it just freezes up. It shows that its running, however I don’t have the powershell prompt to type commands like I did with cmd. Can anyone tell me how can I achive that I can freely use powershell within command output like cmd? I know that I can write scripts and achive simple output but I want to know if I can obtain same functions like when I type cmd - live prompt with cursor. In other words, I want to have powershell within Komodo Edit command output in interactive mode.

Komodo does not have a shell emulator, the command functionality is only useful for running one-off commands.

For Linux & OSX, there’s an add-on called “Terminal”. I think if you’ll use cygwin, you can get it working on Windows too, but I didn’t check that.