Opening Workspace and Projects Close out

Whenever I close my workspace and reopen it, all my projects close out except one. Sometimes one shows up, rarely they all show up. This is under places and please see screenshot:

It’s a pain reopening 10-20 projects at a time each time I open Komodo. Isn’t there a way to save opened projects in a workspace? Isn’t that the reason why Workspaces exist in the first place is to save current state?

I think the workspace currently does not consider your project switcher, definitely ought to. I’ve opened a ticket for it here:

I see what you mean.

Thank you so much for taking care of this (submitting request).

Thanks for posting this comment @mjbrancato. Don’t forget to follow the ticket @nathanr submitted. I have a question for you there.

  • Carey

Thank you. I followed up with your question on GitHub. I am not sure why GitHub doesn’t send out notifications. I am subscribed and everything with a valid email.

Yep I got it. Just hadn’t got it when I posted my comment here. Thanks a lot @mjbrancato.

  • Carey

No problem. Well I meant that I didn’t receive the notification that you posted originally on GitHub (maybe because I originally had no comment there). I just posted earlier today. No worries.

I am glad I can be of help. Let me know if you need anything or any testing.

There is no reason that you would get a notification. You hadn’t had any interaction with the ticket yet.