Opening multiple instances of Komodo Edit


we have the following setup here:
To run UNIX we connect remotely to any server in a rather large server farm. The user-data is mapped to ~ on every server.

When I open an instance of KomodoEdit (8.5.4 and 9.0) it opens and everything works fine. The problem is that when I open a new terminal in UNIX I may get a different server. When I try to start a new instance of Komodo (while the other instance on the first server is still open in the background) it does not start, although I can see the process being started and hanging there.
If I forget to kill the process on the second server, log off the server, close the first instance of Komodo and log off the first server, too, I cannot start any more instances of Komodo no matter on which server.
The only possibility to get Komodo to start again is to delete .komodoedit/VERSION (where VERSION is 8.5 or 9).

Is there any way to have multiple instances of KomodoEdit opening on different servers?

You could but they wouldn’t be able to use the same profile directory (settings). Eg.

export KOMODO_USERDATADIR=/home/foo/.komodo
/path/to/komodo/bin/komodo &

export KOMODO_USERDATADIR=/home/bar/.komodo
/path/to/komodo/bin/komodo &

Thanks for the answer.
But that would mean a new entry in ~ for each instance - which means about 75 MB for opening a second instance. That is not possible with the quota limits we have here :frowning:

Is there a more memory-saving way to achieve this?

You’re asking for a way to open Komodo multiple times, but using the same process and resources?

No this is not possible. The only way a piece of software would be able to do that is if it were designed like that from the ground up.

I’m a bit confused by your workflow though; are you saying you’re opening a Komodo process on different servers? Why would they affect each other?

I think a more detailed explanation of what you’re looking to do may be in order here :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, I’ll try to explain my use-case:

  1. I open a terminal window in UNIX -> I get a connection to one remote server
  2. I open Komodo to edit a file, leave the window open and start a rather time-consuming build job
  3. I open a new terminal -> I get a connection to a different server
  4. When I open Komodo in the second terminal - because I want to edit some file or do whatever else with Komodo - it does not start

When I forget to kill Komodo in the second terminal window the situation is even worse because after closing Komodo in the first terminal and closing both terminals I cannot re-start Komodo until I delete ~/.komodoedit/VERSION.

Your approach with different profile directory would imply that I would have to have a way to figure out how many instances of Komodo are already running on different servers and copy a “unlocked” version of the profile before starting a new instance, wouldn’t it?

So you are basically on 2 different servers and opening Komodo on each? Are you using X over SSH or something?

Even in those scenario’s I would expect Komodo to be using the profile folder from the machine to which you are connecting, not from your local machine. So still having a hard time understanding where the conflict comes from.

The thing is that the home-directory is the same. I do get two servers but they are configured - I honestly don’t know how it’s done technically - to use the same /home/-directory.
This configuration is the reason for the problem but I cannot change this. The profile-folder is never on my local machine, I always connect to some remote server.