Notification lags on first run

I’m using Komodo without Toolbars, so Komodo keeps telling me how to open menubar on first run. And every time this notification is lagging. At first, it makes a strange glitch render that looks like a hole. Then it renders itself but with some lags. I’m pretty sure this is a con of free open-source driver I’m using, but could someone else cause this?

I’ve recorded a video which shows the lag, but not the render glitch.

My bet is it’s simlpy because Komodo is still starting and is thus using up system resources. It doesn’t happen during regular usage correct?

Nope, during regular usage it’s pretty smooth! :slight_smile:

Then I’m pretty confident in saying it’s due to system resources being limited at startup.

There’s no way to show this notification after everything has been loaded?

What is it currently set to trigger on?

Komodo startup event. It’s not actually the notification I’m talking about, but it’s still a problematic notification as well as the notification about toolbars being hidden so you can access them with alt.

You could listen to komodo-post-startup instead, that event has a grace period.

Then the notification about alt menu should listen to this event as well.

No, the notification in the userscript menu is about komodo startup, not post-startup. There may be a case to be made for adding an additional event option to the userscript settings.

I think you don’t understand me properly. I don’t talk about userscripts, I’ve just showed you how the notification about alt menu looks when Komodo starts for first time, but because I launched it for second time, I was using an userscript to demonstrate the lag. this notification. I don’t know if THIS ONE is being called on first Komodo start.

Ahh I see. But in your video I see a notification that just says “Test”, where is that coming from?

The notification you linked shouldnt show at all on startup, and I don’t see it in your video either. Please report a bug if this is in fact happening.

Gonna do. “Test” is coming from an userscript but it behaves in the same way as the notification I linked. As I said, it happens for me when I run Komodo for first time after the OS has been launched.