No support for php formatting?

Why is there no support for php formatting in this paid software.
The free Netbeans IDE has better php support.
Do you not consider php as web development language or “Komodo IDE: The Best IDE for Web and Mobile App Development” is just a marketing gimmick ?

Hi, we had a discussion about this recently on the forums (PSR Formatter) and it appears there are no PHP formatting tools available. If you manage to find one, please let us know. Thanks!

I dont think I understand the issue which you are saying. How about using something like:

I think I am missing something, but how can other free ide like netbeans and even simple text editors like atom etc. have php format support which is not available in the paid ide. Really surprised at the lack of support for paid software when various free open source editors provide more features[plugins] and better support.

I guess I need to stay with netbeans for little longer :frowning:

Oh, that’s pretty cool. Thanks for the link. We haven’t seen anything that before. You may be able to hook that tool into Komodo’s formatting feature. See one of our blog posts for some guidance:

Can you package it with Komodo btw?

I tried using the php-cs-fixer.phar file and adding it to IDE through Preferences>Formatter but when I try to use it using Right Click> Format > Document using PHP , I get windows prompt “How do you want to open this file” which I think means that IDE cannot handle phar files addition directly. Can you please provide the instructions/link on how to get this working on Windows 10.

Also I think it will be very helpful for Php developers who use Komodo IDE if it is integrated by default.

Hi, please try prefixing the formatter with “php” so that it’s “php php-cs-fixer.phar …”. I agree it would be helpful if it was integrated by default; we will look into it.

I still have no idea how to format php and more of this how to format all brackets { to be in a new line;
the problem is now to compare code from another programer and he has changed a lot of brackets.
There should be a way to format code to have the equal result in two files with the same content, right?
But how?

Ok, i have solved it with netbeans; but i really would like to know how to do it with komodo, plz.

@anjade, did you see @Piniol’s post? That explains how to add a PHP formatter to Komodo.

See @bdev9’s comment above about how to add a formatter, Note Mitchell’s helpful comment "please try prefixing the formatter with "php" so that it's "php php-cs-fixer.phar ...":

Let us know if you need assistance setting that up.

  • Carey

There is no php support build in? Really?
At the moment i use netbeans just to format at the end of my work. :slight_smile:

Really! :slight_smile: