New Snippet icons


I’ve been wondering for a while about the new Snippet icons in Komodo 8.5. My original questions were going to be:

Are they different from “old” snippets?
Do they provide some kind of new functionality?
Is a red-snippet triggered automatically?

Well, looking at the .komodotool code, it appears the only difference is a new “icon” entry:

"icon": "chrome://komodo/skin/images/snippet.png", 

The version number and all other attributes appear to be the same:

"version": "1.0.12", 

Might it be worth binning this new icon, or setting it to be the same as the old icon? It implies that Komodo 8.5 snippets are not he same as old Komodo snippets.

Or are they somehow, different?


They are the exact same, with all the icon changes there was just a small mixup with the snippet icons. I’ll fix that up when I go over the toolbox layout.

OK, thanks for clearing that up.