New package manager?

Hey there,

i’ve tried to figure out for the last months whats the purpose of the new package manager. It’s so confusing and it also lists just a few packages (only the ones i’ve installed on my) and not the system packages. I’m always using the legacy manager because everything is clear and i’ll find all activated addons and can disable them. So i hope the legacy manager will never be removed - otherwise i have to change the editor.

Here you’ll see that the new interface doesn’t list all installed and enabled system addons/packages (whats the difference between an addon and a package?):

All i’m trying to do is to disable most of the unused packages because performance of Komodo is awful (Windows 10). Have to restart Komodo nearly every hour, otherwise it becomes unusable and is freezing up to 5-10 seconds after initiating any action. This topic is still discussed heavily but it seems that this is a fundamental problem of Komodo. Hope that this will be fixed somewhere in the near future.


Hi, have you been able to identify which packages are causing your slowdowns? That would be good for us to know, as we haven’t been experiencing these kinds of issues. Your comments are the first I’ve seen on this subject.

By default our package manager does not list packages built into Komodo – there’s no need to disable them unless they’re buggy. Those packages provide things like additional menu items, icons, focus mode, database exploring, etc. None of these things run persistently or would contribute to performance issues – they only run when you tell them to.

Any concrete information you could provide would help us improve the performance of Komodo. Please keep in mind that 3rd party add-ons/extensions are the source of many potential slowdowns.

I develop full time on Windows 10 and do not experience performance issues unless there is something wrong. Talk to us! We’re here to help.

For example:
I was building massive amounts of files inside the KomodoIDE git repo on my local machine, creating a huge amount of untracked files. This bogs down the version control widget which is something that we’re going to fix (or is already fixed? I can’t remember right this second). I moved the files out of the local git repo and things worked normally again.

So as @mitchell said, if you’re having issues and you can narrow it down to an addon please let us know. That would be a bug. Komodo hums along just fine for me with 3 instances running at once.

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Hi Mitchell,

thanks for your answer - unfortunately i cant’t tell you why or what is causing these performance issues. It was just an idea to disable as much packages as possible to minimize the chances to get stuck in these issues. I haven’t noticed a decent performance boost since then, maybe i’ll have to work a little bit longer to tell you more.

It should be considered to also disable built in addons with the new package manager to further optimize the performance because there are many packages i’ll never ever need.

I’m also using Komodo 10 on windows 10, but in my experience komodo doesn’t preform poor.
in my past I’ve experienced the effect you’re having, but most of the time it’s addon related.
what I always do, when I experiencing these kind of issues.
To first look in the error log ( Help > troubleshooting > view log file ), and most of times i find the error or a hint here.

For example, I see in you’re screenshot that you have the Autocode addon enabled.
This a pretty old addon (the code is about 3 years old) and I think it’s not wise to run it on Komodo X.

But to test it out I installed the addon.
On start up I’m getting my first error:

[2016-09-28 17:24:20,377] [ERROR] console-logger: TypeError: ko.toolbox2 is undefined (2) in chrome://autocode/content/main/autocode/autocode.js:63
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "chrome://autocode/content/main/autocode/autocode.js", line 63, in 

Telling me this addon will not function correct any more.

I’ve recently experienced a other potential source and that is when you’re working with remote files.
When you’re experiencing connection problems, komodo will hang when you focus back to komodo.
Or it will hang suddenly without warning.
This has to to that komodo checks in the background if the files are changed on the disk.
But when you have a bad connection, komodo can hang.
What worked for me, when having a bad connection is disabling the option “Detect when files are changed outside the environment” ( preferences > editor )

But to get back to the main question, the new package manager.
I don’t have that much issues, with the new package manager.
The only thing different in function is that you have to double click on addon to see the options.
You have a fair point about the ability to disable the default addons.
If you experiencing problems with one of them, it would be nice if you can disable them.

The thing I’m missing is that i can’t see witch version i have installed.
And maybe it’s an idea to open the package manager a level higher when you click on the “Add-ons” menu item (or add a new menu item packages):

Hey babobski,

thanks for your tips. I’ve also experienced this behaviour before i have the AutoCode plugin installed. There must be something else going on inside.
I’ have enabled the detection of changed files - but i’m just working locally on my SSD to speed up file access.

This is similar to the behaviour when you try to change the design a few times, it’s getting more and more sluggish with each change. Since at least 10 changes, i must restart Komodo because its no more responding. Don’t know if that helps a little bit - but this tends more to the bug/support section i think.

I had that problem in the beginning of Komodo 10 that the color scheme editor was getting stuck after a few changes.
But in the 10.1 and 10.1.1 I’m not experiencing these issues.
The editor used to crash if it couldn’t apply the less stylesheet it was getting stuck. This could be easily be achieved by adding faulty code in the editor ( syntax errors, or misspelled variables ).

But I just tried to crash it, but I’m currently unable to.
It some times react a bit slow witch applying the changes, but i can’t get it to crash anymore.

But if you keep experiencing these problem, you should really head over to the support section.
Komodo should not behave that like that.