Make the scrollbar wider?

I’m looking for some assistance with the scrollbars, both vertical and horizontal, in the editor window. I’ve turned off minimap usage–I just don’t prefer minimap. I’ve looked for a way to set preferred scrollbar width and color, and to keep it from collapsing when my mouse is not clicking in the scroll area, but to no avail. My experience with the small/collapsing scrollbar in the IDE is that I find I am spending way to much time trying to hover over it to get it to display and then once it expands, find the part of it to drag up or down/left or right. Please advise what to do to make this less of a hassle. Thanks.

My build info: Komodo IDE, version 8.5.4, build 86985, platform win32-x86. Built on Wed Aug 13 14:41:17 2014.

Unfortunately there is not built-in setting to change this. but you could install Stylish and play around with the following CSS:

scrollbar[orient="vertical"] {
  width: 20px !important;

scrollbar[orient="horizontal"] {
  height: 20px !important;

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