Long delays in sftp connection

Hi there, I’m using Komodo Edit 9 in a remote location in Australia, on a mobile broadband plan that has a habit of changing server ip address and/or port every few minutes. In this scenario saving a remote file after editing it takes more than 30 seconds. Each time! On other ISPs I don’t have this problem at all. But I’m stuck with this one here.

I was having the same problem in Mac terminal and solved it by adding a Server Keep Alive variable to my machine. But I understand this is already present in Komodo Edit? And in any case it hasn’t changed this Komodo Edit issue

Is there anything else I can do to speed up this wonderful programme?

Thanks for your help!

You could try using publishing instead of a editing via a remote connection, as with publishing you edit the files locally and then “publish” them when ready.

Hi Nathnr, thanks for the thought!
Unfortunately I’m in a situation in which I can’t work locally. One of the things I love about Komodo is that it allows me to live edit a remote file. I need to save the file regularly to see the effect of changes I’m making… hence my question above while I’m on this pesky mobile broadband scenario. On other ISPs it’s not a problem.

Unfortunately Komodo cannot overcome the constrains of your network connection, that is a bottleneck that you would have to resolve yourself.