KomodoV12 svn diff triggers FileMerge

Just installed Komodo12 (macos catalina 10.15.3), I open two projects from V11 and while loading the projects the FileMerge (tool) keeps opening up showing diffs all by itself.

My hunch is that Komodo is doing svn diff (not sure how it does it) and since I have FileMerge as my diff tool on this repo thats why is getting loaded.

Not sure how Komodo implements their scm integration, but right now is annoying the crap out of me.

Any pointers on how to approach this will be greatly appreciated…

It also does it on file saves

I look into the scm properties of the project I havent found a way to turn off scm integration in the meantime.

@ctk, sounds like you’re hitting this but for SVN: Use Komodo with external git diff tool

To disable SCM (SCC), prefs can be found under Prefs > Source Code Control > SVN.

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thanks I’ll try setting an environment variable within Komodo.